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Friday, December 25, 2009
Today's Christmas and I'm here to wish everyone a Happy and Merry Christmas.

So, it's going to be the end of the year soon. 2009 is going to end and 2010 is approaching. I'm going to be 19 soon (real soon) and so are my other friends. Thinking back: What had happen early this year.

1. I had great friends who celebrated my birthday. Watched movie, bought gift, went drinking and almost got me and Shawn drunk. Made tags that says "I LOVE MY BROTHER", "I LOVE MY TWIN", "I LOVE MY SON". They're awesome.

2. Registered for my driving lesson after my birthday. Excited like hell. Now that I've already completed all the stages and I've booked my traffic police test which is on the 27th January (Xiwen's Birthday). I'm all ready for the test.

3. Went Hong Kong, Guang Zhou and Macau with my primary school friends. Super fun and crazy. Shopped till drop? haha!

4. Became a orientation camp group leader for ELAMITES. Yup, spent the entire holiday training for the camp. The lack of sleep, the emotional outbreak, the fun and 'torture' we GLs had to go through. But its worth it. The experience gained was priceless.

5. Signed up and went Melbourne, Australia, for my overseas attachment programme. I was attached to RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) university along with Valentine and Jun Hao. Did university research and attended some lab classes with the local students. Made some new friends and learned a great deal of knowledge and experience. This is definitely going to make my resume look better.

6. Christmas Party at Huiting's house. Played Mahjongs and had lots of fun there. Great food especially.


There are more, but elaborating it is going to take a damn long time. So I've decided to leave it. May elaborate more after new year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
All the papers are finally over. Now it's the 5th day into the 'holidays'. To put it in a nicer term, it's a holiday. But in actual fact, its just 3 long weeks for you to complete your overdue assignment. Just total bullshit.

So, Sunday and Monday were dedicated to class chalet. It's fun and crazy, especially at night. Tuesday was dedicated to SPSU Appreciation Dinner. Like the past two days, its fun-filled and crazy! The food yesterday was great.

Now that, all the activities are almost done, it's time for assignments and more boring days ahead. Damn...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Guess it won't be of much surprise. I've registered for Adidas Sundown Marathon coming next may. It's going to be double the shit I ran during Standard Chartered Marathon. This run will be a good gauge. It'll be my very first marathon and it's held at night! Lucky for me, this time there's going to be companion running with me.

Today's the second day of MST. So far the 2 papers weren't bad, do-able and manageable. Made some careless mistakes here and there. But it's alright. 2 papers down 3 to go . A short break now before the next paper starts on Thursday. Got to mug like crazy before I can enjoy my well deserved holidays.

But what can I say about the holidays? It's damn packed. Filled with school assignments, chalet and appreciation dinner, christmas dinner and celebration(s). Well, can't wait..

Sunday, December 06, 2009
Christmas is coming and tomorrow's Mid Semester Test. Sigh..

Ran my very first 21km today. A good experience even though I had to run the last 2km with my right leg cramped. The first 10km was slow jog with Amanda. However, after the 10km mark, she asked me to run ahead and I did. Running a long stretch alone is really not enjoyable at all. Everything seems to be longer when you're alone then when you're in a company.

Went home slept and woke up with my biceps aching (don't know why). Had slight headache and my body felt warm. But it got better afterward.

Now gotta continue with my studies. Ending here

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